Contingency Planning Solutions

Helping you plan for the "what ifs"

Exclusively for ALA Member Firms of 5+ Attorneys with an additional 5% discount for CLMSM

Closing the Loop with Contingency Planning

Following a full review of essential risk management elements, NextPath Legal will develop a customized contingency plan that includes:


Personalized individual attorney plans for short, medium, and long-term contingencies


Full current "in place" insurance review


Full recommendations for asset protection and insurance needs that match the customized Succession Plan

Contingency Planning Video Gallery
  1. BOE Policies
  2. Disability Buy Sell
  3. Key Person Policies
  4. Key Person & Buy Sell with ALA & NextPath Legal
  5. IDI vs LTD with ALA & NextPath Legal
  6. Defining the Need with ALA & NextPath Legal

Why should your firm invest in contingency planning?

Client Retention

Firm Asset Retention

Firm Survival

"What ifs" Solved = No Guess Work

Requirement of a Written Plan in Some Jurisdictions